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Based in Vancouver, Canada, Takasa Lifestyle Company is the latest up and comer in the world of eco-friendly textiles for your home. Their bedding and towels are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Takasa products are ethically made in India, and the company ensures sustainable livelihoods for all of its makers. We chatted with co-founder Kuljit Rakhra to find more about this brand.

Give us the details! Tell us a bit about you and the story behind Takasa?

Our Takasa journey started with becoming parents and consciously making eco-lifestyle changes. Having children made us think more about how we shop. As we looked deeper into the industry, it became increasingly clear that industries such as textiles are in the midst of a deep moral and ethical crisis. We thought about cheap overseas labour that is continuously exploited under abysmal working conditions. We also read that traditional methods of manufacturing cotton consist of harmful insecticides and pesticides. We didn't want our shopping habits to amplify these issues. So we decided to make changes. When we couldn't find what we were looking for, we decided to take action. This meant leaving our corporate careers behind in order to apply our combined skills towards the objective of promoting environmental responsibility. We made it our mission to deliver goods and services that add value to people's lives. 

If Takasa were a person, how would you describe them?

Elegant, calm, considerate and forward thinking. 

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

Takasa's biggest accomplishment has been launching, albeit in line with COVID-19. Who knew a pandemic would cast an extra shadow in navigating being a newcomer in the marketplace.

Personally, our proudest moments include our children being born (one just prior to launching)! 

Takasa Lifestyle Company - our why

"Our Takasa journey started with becoming parents and consciously making eco-lifestyle changes. Having children made us think more about how we shop."

You are shopping at the Green Living Store, and you have three other products in your shopping cart. What are they?

AllBambu toothbrushes, Let's Go Eco Dish Block, and an Awoke N Aware sweatshirt.

What is the best sustainable swap you have made in the last year? 

We actively look to the Green Living community for sustainability swaps and ideas. Our favourite ones in the past few months have been in the kitchen. We are actively trying out new eco-sponges, wraps, soaps, un-paper towels and more.

Fast forward five years, what is next for Takasa?

The sky is the limit for Takasa. Our aim is to become your favourite eco-minded brand. We are starting with mindful and sustainable homewares and hope to expand further into daily life by providing mindful options for everyday staples.


Takasa Lifestyle Company Inc. is a socially and environmentally responsible retail business, selling homewares that are organic, ethically sourced and manufactured using environmentally safe methods and free from harmful chemicals. Click here to browse their incredible products at the Green Living Store.

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