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Meet Ahimsa Eco Solutions, the zero-waste brand that works hard to be part of the solution. When a trip overseas sparked a desire to do more, Ahimsa was born. That was back in 2018, and this team has certainly made a name for themselves throughout the industry since. Fun fact: this brand is run by a team that lives completely off the grid! 


Give us the details! Tell us a bit about you and the story behind Ahimsa Eco Solutions?

Ahimsa Eco Solutions is comprised of Wesley Wright and Stefani Chan-Wright. Wes is an eco-geek from the concrete jungle who has spent years working as an environmental engineer in consulting. Stef is a yoga teacher from the Borneo jungle who has also spent years doing corporate sales and marketing. We launched Ahimsa Eco Solutions in January 2018 as a business-for-good that focuses on People, Planet, and Purpose after travelling to some of the most remote locations around the world and seeing these beautiful beaches and countrysides littered with plastic pollution. We simply had to do something about it. We decided to start Ahimsa Eco to provide tools and solutions for people who wanted to do something positive for our beautiful planet. We sell a line of upcycled, repurposed, reclaimed reusable items to displace single-use plastic (sourced from indigenous women's co-ops and artisans), and the Urban Composter, a mighty kitchen composter that composts all your food waste! 

If Ahimsa were a person, how would you describe them?

We would definitely be a tree-huggin', planet lovin', bike-ridin' eco-warrior (kind of like Wes!)

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

Since we started our company in January 2018, we've saved tens of thousands of disposable plastic items from going into landfill through the sales (and use) of our upcycled reusable products. We support the Indigenous women's co-ops that make some of our upcycled products, and we've diverted all the materials (cotton, rice husks, waste coconut wood, etc.) that are used to make our upcycled products.  We've also encouraged and educated people to grow their own food organically and regeneratively and to compost their food waste (also keeping it out of landfill) using the Urban Composter.


You are shopping at the Green Living Store, and you have three other products in your shopping cart. What are they?

Avazera Canadian Chaga Chunks. EarthPup Dog Treats. Let's Go Eco Beeswax Food Wraps.

Fast forward five years, what is next for Ahimsa?

Offering workshops to help individuals green their life and live in greater harmony with nature and eco-consulting with the private and public sectors to effect change at a larger scale.

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