Meet The Maker - House of Knot

Meet House of Knot, a Canadian knitwear brand that crafts and designs each piece by hand. Produced in Canada, each piece is carefully worked on to ensure high quality that customers love! Creative Director Katherine Phan shares more about the brand, how they are using knitwear to make waves in the fashion industry and what is next for this women-run company. 

Give us the details! Tell us a bit about you and the story behind House of Knot? 

Hello! And welcome to House of Knot! I am Katherine, and I am the founder of House of Knot, a knitwear brand specializing in wool knits. The brand started out as an idea of creating beautiful knit accessories by hand. Our focus has always been to showcase the quality of handknitting. We are a proud woman-run business, and we hope to continue to spread the joy of sustainable fashion.

If House of Knot were a person, how would you describe them? 

Quiet with a splash of Flare. 

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

I always refer back to this moment because looking back, I really can't believe we made this happen! Our biggest accomplishment when we handknitted 10 looks for Toronto Fashion Week, truly a feat for only two knitters.

You are shopping at the Green Living Store, and you have three other products in your shopping cart. What are they?

Heritage Bee Co. Seed Bombs, Pine Flora Succulent Planter and Toad & Co. Cabin Fever Cardi.

What is the best sustainable swap have you made in the last year?

This year I have committed to shopping from more local brands and less fast fashion. I have made the swap to use all multi-use containers and bags, and I have started watering my plants with excess steam water from the food that I have cooked with or boiled.

Fast forward five years - what is next for House of Knot? 

I see House of Knot growing into a lifestyle brand. We have found a lot of our customers have many similarities, and we hope to bring those interests to the brand and grow from there. We have already started to incorporate a few utility items such as aprons and Knitting Totes.


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