Meet The Maker - Huri Movement

"Creating a space for BIPOC in Sustainability has been the driving factor behind our movement. Huri is a movement that welcomes us to jump into our individuality, celebrate our differences, and do this responsibly through sustainable fashion. ” – George, Huri Movement 

Give us the details! Tell us a bit about you and the story behind Huri Movement? 

First of all, welcome to Huri Movement, my name is George, and I am the founder of Huri Movement, a Sustainable Afrocentric Fashion brand that supports elements of empowerment and sustainability through a cultural perspective. Our definition of ‘empowerment’ is rooted in celebrating our individuality and appreciation of those around us. Within sustainability, we noticed a lack of representation, active inclusion and leadership from BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). Overall, our aim is to bring the great work that marginalized communities do within the Sustainability sector into the spotlight.
If not now…then when?



If Huri Movement were a person, how would you describe them?

A Culture-enthusiast! So pretty much someone who loves authentic experiences and celebrates the stories behind every moment.

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

Being able to craft our own narrative and make time for the little wins (switching to recyclable packaging/mailers, partnerships with the City of Toronto, continuously making space for inclusion in Sustainability).

You are shopping at the Green Living Store, and you have three other products in your shopping cart. What are they?

Hmm this is a tough one! I would have to say Pineapple BBQ Sauce (Spicy Mama), Bamboo Cutlery Set (allBambu) and Zero Waste Tablets (Earth Suds).


What is the best sustainable swap you have made in the last year?

Making my wardrobe 80-90% thrifted/recycled as well as supporting and doing active research with the brands I buy from (Shop local 😊).

Fast forward five years, what is next for Huri Movement?

A fully functioning Social Enterprise that not only gives back to Mother Earth but also creates new opportunities for diverse aspiring entrepreneurs in the Sustainability Entrepreneurship sector.

If not now...then when?

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