Meet the Maker- Iremia Skincare

Meet Elaine Li, founder of Iremia Skincare!


Give us the details! Tell us a bit about you and the story behind ​Iremia Skincare.

  For many years, I was trying to find a solution to manage my hypersensitive and reactive skin. I tried so many products, saw dermatologists and specialists but never had any success. During this time, I was also reflecting on how many products we consume during a routine, and all the waste that comes with it. I wanted to create a brand that not only helps people manage their sensitive skin, but also take a minimalist approach to reduce the overwhelming routines we are sometimes faced with.

  Making sure that the products are housed in glass was important to me. We make a conscious choice to not include extra packaging but instead invest in what goes into the products instead. My personal belief is that less is more when it comes to living, without the sacrifice of quality.
The name ‘Iremia’ means calm in Greek, where I had my honeymoon. I wanted to honour the calmness that I had experienced while there, to infuse that feeling with every product we create, and to also remind everyone that it’s okay to slow down and enjoy what nature has to offer. We donate $1 of each purchase to One Tree Planted, and have planted 463 trees so far!

Given your experiences as a business owner, what advice would you give to your younger self 5-10 years ago?

Don’t be afraid of change. Growth comes with the most difficult experiences and you are constantly being molded and refined to become the best possible version of yourself, in your own time.

Fast forward five years- what is next for Iremia Skincare​?

I see us continuing on the same path and hopefully helping more people with sensitive skin!

What is the best sustainable swap you have made in the last year?

I grew up in a household where sustainability was just a part of living. Being thoughtful about not wasting food or water, repurposing the water that we use to wash rice for our plants, or even not buying what we don’t need. However one of the more impactful changes this year was for us to completely switch to using reusable bags for produce and buying less conventional products for cleaning (a cloth, water, vinegar and baking soda is truly versatile!)

You are shopping at the Green Living Store, and you have three other products in your shopping cart. What are they?

A bar of soap, a mesh bag, and a reusable water tumbler!

What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

It would be winning multi well-recognized awards, including one from Fashion Canada, CertClean and the Beauty Shortlist!



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