Meet the Maker- sariKNOTsari

 Meet Priya Mohan, founder of sariKNOTsari!

sariKNOTsari provides you with a curated collection of slow fashion, gifts  and wellness products so you can buy the things you need while making a difference in the world. 

 The sariKNOTsari Up-Cycled Vintage Pure Silk Collection was created by their founder Priya Mohan when she re-discovered her love for the colours, fabris and sizing versatility of South Asian saris. 

  Realizing that a sari would be too difficult for her to wear during her daily activities in Canada, she decided to repurpose the saris into high-quality, comfortable clothing pieces that she could wear year-round.

  Now her timeless, elegant and sustainably-made clothing line allows customers to participate in a clothing movement that celebrates the luxurious fabrics of India while putting sustainability and ethical production first.

  They are proud to reduce waste by creating generously-cut fashions that are one-size-fits-most and by using their scraps to create complementary products. They also donate a portion of all sales to The Save the Elephants Organization.


Tell us a little something about why you decided to begin this journey?

  The main goal of sariKNOTtsari was to promote a more sustainable lifestyle by eliminating one of the major waste producers in Canada while creating clothes for “real women”. Real women have bodies that are supposed to change shape over time and I believe that women should feel comfortable in their clothes. Through my clothing line I hope to give women the opportunity to make clothing choices that support the planet while making them feel beautiful. My hope is that women will forget what the fashion industry says they should want and start shopping for what they actually love and for what will always fit then as their bodies inevitably change.

When was your lightbulb moment? (The moment when you decided you were going to write your book, start your own business or pursue a leadership role)

  I had recently taken a trip to India with my daughters in which I re-discovered the beauty of Indian textiles and wanted to find a way to incorporate them into my Canadian lifestyle. Although this venture started with beautiful fabrics, it transformed into a journey of understanding the environmental impact of creating new fabrics and the importance of slow fashion. When I returned home, I quickly came to the realization that many of the unwanted clothes in Canada end up being donated, building my curiosity on what happens to all the gorgeous silk saris that South Asian women had worn to one or two events and then tucked away into the backs of their wardrobes. After researching and putting in the effort to build a clothing line that aided the planet, my team here and my amazingly talented team in Delhi have worked to  turn those saris into generously-cut tops, jackets, dresses and other clothing pieces that can be layered for every season in Canada and can last a lifetime.


Share three words of advice for emerging female entrepreneurs and business leaders. Why?

  Three words of advice I would have for emerging female entrepreneurs is to “connect the dots”. These words guided me throughout my journey of building SariKnotSari from nothing as I learned that the key to success is to connect your own passion to what the world needs and what people need. The smallest changes in the business world can make all the difference however, true passion for what you are doing and the difference one can make can help a business thrive. Also more importantly, I believe that women should create their own way of doing business--a way that embraces collaboration and support over competition.


What is your biggest accomplishment as a brand so far?

  Our biggest accomplishment is that now we are found in boutiques across Canada, encouraging the conversation about the environmental impact of the clothing industry.


You are shopping at the Green Living Store, and you have three products in your shopping cart. What are they?

  • Earrings from A Million Elephants made from unexploded landmines
  • The Good Tee Good Sleep Eye Mask
  • The Rose Company - Rosemary Bergamot Dry Shampoo

  • Shop sariKNOTsari at the Green Living Store!

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