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5 Pack of 120ml of Zsolt Sauce

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    Keep it spicy with the 5 pack! It comes with 5 stickers!

    So what's so special about Zsolt Sauce? First, it works with EVERYTHING! Add it to salads, marinate your steaks, put it in any mixed drink or beer or wine or whiskey, use it as a condiment on your fries, burgers, pizzas, pasta's, chicken wings, mix it with other sauces, use it as a BBQ dressing, posters, fish or oysters to name a few!

     And what else is amazing about Zsolt Sauce? The flavour experience! When you try it, put a drop or two on the middle of your tongue, 4-5 if you have a medium heat tolerance, or give it a little squeeze if you find Jalapenos mild. You'll start with the zing of the vinegar, then a bite from the pepper which doesn't build or linger, followed by 8 flavour changes over the course of 30 seconds before settling into a delicious after-taste than lingers for about 5 -10 minutes!!

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