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    SMOOV's simple 2-Step Superfood Detox:

    A spoon of SMOOV's green blend in a cup of water with breakfast: Energy, Greens, Cleanse

    A spoon of SMOOV's berry exotic blend every second night before bed: Antioxidants, Digestion, Detox, Destress

    Step-by-Step Eating & Exercise Guide to get results

    Vegan, Keto & Paleo Friendly

    Nutrient-dense: A handful of veggies or berries per serving
    Perfect for smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal or with water/ juice! 

    Made in Canada | Canada's First Superfood Detox | Drunk by over 1,000 customers across North America

    What's a Detox?

    Detoxification is SMOOV's body's natural way of changing, neutralizing or getting rid of toxins. Toxins are harmful substances we inevitably come across in our everyday lives (air/ water pollutants, pesticides, processed foods, alcohol, cigs, pharamaceuticals etc.)

    Although our bodies are constantly working to take care of us, the load of toxins we ingest these days have gotten greater.

    A detox, like the one in the next section, is a regimen which SUPPORTS and ASSISTS your body in carrying out this process- which consists of two phases.

    Phase one: Your body neutralizes the bad stuff and where antioxidants such as glutathione and vitamins C & E are crucial. This is where our berry exotic blend comes in.

    Phase two: Your body adds certain chemicals to the bad stuff to make it soluble, in hopes of excreting it. This is where glutamine, glycine and sulphur rich foods come in handy and can be found in our green blend.

    And there you have it. You now know how our green blend and berry exotic blends were designed to support your body's detox and maintain overall health.

    It's a great way to reset your body- the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. It ASSISTS your body in the processes needed to eliminate toxins and restore a healthy balance. You will feel less bloated, energized and actually start craving healthier foods!

    How does a Detox work?

    It's all about giving your body a break to heal itself. Our 25 day superfood Detox program consists of:

    • Start your day off with 1-2 tsp of our green blend mixed in a glass of water or a smoothie with breakfast
    • A lunch where you try to incorporate as many fresh whole foods (Mixed greens salads with natural dressings, Brown rice, Quinoa, )
    • End your day with 1-2 tsp of our berry exotic blend mixed in a glass of water or a smoothie after dinner

    It's best to try to AVOID over-snacking during this period, as a detox is all about giving your body a break from digesting, as it tries to heal itself naturally.
    Also, remember to always stay hydrated!

    What can I expect?
    Everyone's body is different, so results can vary. But most often, our customers experience feeling less bloated, an increase in energy levels, glowing skin, better mood, better sleep, healthier weight, fewer sugar cravings and most importantly, a will to eat healthier!

    Is Detoxing safe for everyone?
    Absolutely! However, we recommend you consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional if you're pregnant, on medication or are under 18 years of age


    berry exotic blend
    This blend is best used to: Manage stress and aging. Do you find that life's stresses are taking a toll on your body? Try adding this blend into your diet. Made with 8 powerful superfoods- packed with antioxidants, it will help fight against the free radicals in your body. Making it the easiest way to boost your overall health.
    Ingredients: Acai Berry*, Maqui Berry*, Camu Camu Berry*, Goji Berry*, Black Goji Berry*, Blackberry*, Blueberry* and Lucuma* Powder. *Certified Organic
    Sourced from: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Serbia and Tibet
    Allergen(s): None
    Taste: Mild sweet, berry taste
    Weight: 100 g | 3.5 oz - 20 servings

    green blend
    This blend is best used to: Detox and get more nutrients. Having trouble eating your vegetables? You're among 50% of Canadians who do. Simply mix a teaspoon or two of this blend in with your water or smoothie, or even sprinkle some over your snacks or meals. Made with 9 powerful superfoods- packed with ALL your essential nutrients, this blend is the easiest and most delicious way to get your greens.
    Ingredients: Alfalfa Grass*, Barley Grass*, Oat Grass*, Wheat Grass*, Spirulina*, Chlorella*, Moringa*, Kale* and Lucuma* Powder. *Certified Organic
    Sourced from: USA, Peru, Japan and India.
    Allergen(s): None
    Taste: Mild sweet, creamy taste
    Weight: 125 g | 4.4 oz - 25 servings

    Use: Add 1-2 tsp(s) to water, nut milk, juice or yogurt and MIX or BLEND into smoothies or SPRINKLE over snacks and meals

    Storage: Store sealed pouch in a cool and dry place.

    Shelf Life: Best used 2 years within date of production. See back of each pouch for YYYY MM DD

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