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Extra Strength Organic Oil of Wild Oregano (30ml)

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    Meet the highest quality certified Organic Oil of Wild Oregano on the market today.

    Curated by Louianna, an award-winning, proudly Canadian brand and derived from the rare and highly potent Turkish variety, Origanum Minutiflorum, considered to be the highest quality oregano in the world, equipped with the largest amount of healing properties - giving this oil an above average effect on harmful micro-organisms which may cause illnesses.

    This certified organic oil is recognized for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiparasitic and antiviral properties and is hand-picked and steam distilled, extracting a pure essential oil and containing superior healing properties with 82.76% carvacrol & 1.09% Thymol.

    This product has a wide range of internal and topical uses and promises a guarantee of purity - derived from plants which are non-gmo, certified PDO and organic, Louianna’s Organic Oil of Wild Oregano is proudly 100% pure and not mixed from multiple farms, cut with inferior quality fillers, or made with artificial flavouring, colours or additives.

    What makes Louianna even more different and special?! Aside from using the highest quality oregano in the world, when blending their oregano with a carrier oil (which is required for safe oregano oil consumption), considering their background producing award winning organic extra virgin oil, used on Top Chef Canada over 6 years in a row and selected by the Italian Culinary Institute as the finest oil to represent Molise, Italy - they are able to use their very own estate grown, never filter or processed product, containing 3.0 mg of Vitamin E per tbsp, which is 30% of the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance), as well as .75 mg of Polyphenols per tbsp and equipped with a superior low acidity, ranging from 0.23% and 0.35%, adding even more added health benefits to this oregano oil.

    Where natural health, superior quality and meticulous craftsmanship meet, you can find Louianna. Experience the Louianna difference with us today.

    MEDICAL INGREDIENTS (PER DOSE UNIT): Oregano Essential Oil (Origanum minutiflorum) (Leaf) Quantity per Dosage Unit (7mg), Potency 80.0% Carvacrol.

    NON-MEDICAL INGREDIENTS: Estate Grown Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. CONTAINS: Certified Wildcrafted Mediterranean Oregano Oil (Origanum minutiflorum) (1 part), Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 parts)

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