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HydroFlow HS38 Water Softener/Conditioner | No Salt | No Chemicals | 15 Min installation | No Pipe Cutting

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    HydroFlow HS38 Water Softener/Conditioner; Salt-less and Zero Chemicals; Prevents Scale Buildup (for most Homes/RVs/Residential Water Heaters Under 3,000 Sq Ft (City Treated Water)

    • HIGHEST QUALITY WATER SOFTENER | CONDITIONER: Install the HydroFlow water softener/conditioner system in your home and enjoy a consistent solution to hard water problems that will deliver a measurable, economic benefit.
    • EASY TO INSTALL: The HS38 fits pipe up to 1 inch/38mm outside diameter. HydroFlow’s electric water conditioner installs in about the time it takes to change a water filter.
    • AWARD WINNING: 2017 Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation (WEF); And a recipient of the 2015 Kitchen Innovations Award by the National Restaurant Association (NRA)
    • SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR: The HS38 is a domestic model designed for the average sized house with up to three/four bathrooms.
    • FOLLOW STANDARDS: HydroFLOW systems comply with European and North American safety standards (CE, UL, CSA) and follow strict quality control

    The HS38 is the solution for hard limescale deposits in the home. It is designed to protect your heating system, as well as appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, and to make limescale-stained taps, sinks and bathtubs easier to clean.

    Limescale build-up in domestic heating systems can cause blockages, necessitating replacement of equipment, decreasing heating efficiency and thereby increasing costs. Just 0.8 mm of limescale can decrease heating efficiency by as much as 10%*.

    Unlike other water softener on the market, the hs38 does not chemically alter the water or remove minerals. Instead, it applies an electric field so that scale forms in suspension in the water, rather than as a hard encrustation on heating elements and pipe surfaces.

    The hs38 fits easily around existing pipework on the cold feed to where the water is heated, for example on the inlet to a hot water cylinder or the inlet to a combination boiler.

    AWARD WINNING: This revolutionary technology was awarded the Innovative Technology Award from the Water Environment Federation (WEF). Product is also a recipient of the Kitchen Innovations award by the NRA (National Restaurant Association)

    REDUCE COSTS: Reduces energy consumption with an average one year payback period.

    ECO-FRIENDLY: Hydroflow's hot water softener products do not introduce chemicals into your drinking water and the environment.

    Water Softener Conditioner Specifications:

    • Signal monitor light
    • PSU: Input 110-240V AC
    • Unit: Input 12V AC/DC
    • Max power: 1.2 W
    • Weight approx: 175grams
    • Dimensions: H 110 x W 67 x D30mm
    • Maximum pipe diameter 38mm OD
    • Lead length 3m

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