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HydroFLOW | HS40 | Water Conditioner | No Salt, No Filters Water Conditioner | Prevents Scale Forming

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    HydroFLOW | HS40 | Electronic Water Softener | No Salt, No Filters Water Conditioner | Prevents Scale from Binding | For Homes and Commercial Kitchens up to 3,000 Square Feet | Fits Max 2” Pipe OD

    • EASILY WIPE AWAY SCALE: HydroFlow’s advanced technology electronically treats water to prevent minerals from binding to pipes, water heaters, faucets, etc. While it does not prevent the white stuff/scale, the HydroFlow unit prevents the minerals from binding to your pipes and faucets making clean up a simple wipe.
    • EASY INSTALLATION: HydroFlow requires no plumbing modifications for its non-intrusive and easy installation. The unit easily attaches to your incoming cold water line pipe. Perfect for pipes up to an outer dimension of 2 inches.
    • EARTH FRIENDLY: They've ditched the nasty chemicals and salt and designed HydroFlow’s electronic water softeners to be entirely earth friendly. You’ll never buy another salt bag with this unit to prevent scale from binding and save the earth by no longer dumping chemicals to treat your water!
    • WORKS WITH DIFFERENT TYPES OF PIPE: HydroFlow is designed to work with many different types of pipe that could be installed in your house. The unit is compatible with PVC, Copper, Galvanized, and PEX.
    • BACKED BY OUR WARRANTY: If the product fails in the first 3 years of your ownership, the company will repair or replace the unit at no charge. The one-year “fit for a particular purpose” money-back guarantee that the product will reduce limescale accumulation when used in proper applications


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