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    Our lips have it rough! Do you know why they are so sensitive? The skin on our lips only has 3-5 layers compared to the rest of our face, which can have up to 16 layers of skin.

    All lips have something meaningful to say! And why not say it with a luscious colour on them too!

    LIPCANDY lip glosses are all handmade in small batches using protective hydrating natural ingredients. LIPCANDY's lip glosses are amazing quality and deliver high performance. Plus they are supercharged with super-foods like pomegranate oil & and nourishing lanolin (to name a few)!

    The colour “STILL GLOWING STRONG” is an oh so satisfying light nude pink shade that you can rock all day long, apply before heading to the grocery store, or wear at a comfortable lunch with your besties! This easy-to-apply colour is what you’ve been waiting for, with a comfortable creamy finish and a hint of peppermint.


    Lanolin:  Is a deeply moisturizing emollient from sheep's wool that mimics the skin's own natural oils that naturally heal & hydrate. It is so safe that doctors recommend it to treat burns, and mothers with breast feeding infants use it to help heal sensitive dry cracked nipples.

    Pomegranate Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, this oil has high emollient properties that make it an awesome moisturizer, plus it gives your lips an antioxidant-rich boost! The oil is from that delicious “red jewel” seed of fruit.

    Vitamin E: A natural antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in the skin.  It's super moisturizing and nourishing, and can help rejuvenate and hydrate dry skin.  Excellent for all skin types.

    💋 HOW TO USE IT💄

    For a smooth application gently glide the soft applicator brush directly to clean, dry lips. If your lips are dry and have dead skin on them, moisten lips with water and gently rub off dry skin with clean damp face cloth.  Wash and repeat if necessary.  Remember, do not be rough, your lips are delicate.  

    LIPCANDY's lip glosses are natural and have a soft, creamy satin finish!

    For a more sheer look, dab with a tissue.

    You can also Prime your lips with our new LUXURY LIP SERUM. It’s not a lip-gloss or lip balm, but rather a mixture of nourishing oils that penetrate your delicate lips. Great to apply before any lip product, or at night before bed.

    Please note, as every screen is calibrated differently, the colour you see may be slightly different in real life.

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